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The livelihoods of many people on the coast of Patagonia depend on wildlife. Tourism, especially in Península Valdés and PuntaTombo, Chubut, employs thousands of people in the hotel business, restaurants, travel and tourist agencies, souvenir shops, etc., and is a major source of revenue for the region. WCS believes in the value of wildlife-based tourism as a far less damaging alternative to the harvesting of wildlife for feathers, skins, oil, bone and eggs, and a far more sustainable basis for local livelihoods. During the second half of the XXth century WCS played a key role in helping the province of Chubut put in place a set of provincial coastal wildlife reserves and promote these areas as tourist attractions. Since then Chubut has done an extraordinary task. Península Valdés now receives over 350,000 visitors each year and Punta Tombo close to 100,000. The marine wildlife in both areas now enjoys effective protection while on shore and at the same time generates significant income and jobs for local people. The wildlife of coastal Patagonia also has non-economic value for people. For example the viewing of right whales from shore plays a part in the quality of life of many local inhabitants. However there are many wildlife areas on the coast of Patagonia that receive little or no tourism and that play little part in the lives of local people. Some of these areas are now under threat so WCS is working to find ways of increasing their value for the local people and helping to build livelihoods around them.


WCS seeks to protect the wildlife of coastal Patagonia by building non-consumptive uses into local livelihoods, ensuring that this causes as little harmful impact as possible.


WCS works supports the development of wildlife-based tourism, the management of wildlife areas to preserve the quality of the visitor experience and the protection of wildlife, the building of awareness for nature and the making of long term policies to ensure that wildlife conservation and local livelihoods go hand in hand.


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