WCS Argentina

From the dry landscapes of the high“Altiplano” desert to the fertile floodplains of the pampas; from the subtropical thorn scrub of the Chaco to the sub-Antarctic steppes and forests of southern Patagonia and the open ocean seascape of the Patagonian coast, Argentina is a land of contrasts containing a vast diversity and abundance of wildlife. Marine birds and mammals gather in huge numbers on its shores and, rare and unique species inhabit its grasslands and forests. The Magellanic penguin, southern right whale, Chilean flamingo, huemul deer, Andean cat, Andean condor and the guanaco are some of the animals that make Argentina their home.

WCS is helping Argentina protect its wildlife in the face of growing development pressure from the oil industry, mining and commercial fishing, pollution and more recently, climate change and emerging diseases.

Present in the country since the 1960s, WCS has taken a part in many of the conservation achievements since then and continues to play a key role caring for Argentina’s wildlife today.



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