The marine birds and mammals that breed on the coast of Patagonia depend on the ocean for their survival. WCS seeks to identify areas in the Southwest Atlantic that are important for wildlife and develop ways of ensuring responsible management of the ocean.


Ocean environments and biodiversity are exposed to threats caused or enhanced by human activities. Unsustainable fishing, illegal fishing, discards of non-commercial species and bycatch of marine birds and mammals are all factors with a negative impact on the abundance and diversity of species. Urban and industrial pollution, accidental oil spills, and introduced species, are other major threats to wildlife and marine ecosystems.

Our work

Our goal is to ensure the conservation of biodiversity and ecological functions in the Southwest Atlantic. With that focus, we monitor interaction of marine biodiversity and human activities to promote the creation of marine protected areas. In addition, we develop responsible ecosystem-based management practices for the ocean and work towards creating awareness about areas that are important to wildlife and challenges to conservation.