Protecting habitats

Never before have we faced such a need

To bring knowledge to action
To connect hearts with minds
To assure our survival

from WCS Manifesto


Our goal is to preserve the wilderness of prime marine, coastal and steppe habitats and to re-wild key areas in the region, to conserve and bring back both native wildlife and the ecological processes that distinguish Patagonia.

WCS has a long history of helping the government of Argentina create, manage and monitor protected areas throughout Patagonia, and there are still vast areas that need protection, some of them public many of them privately owned. Expanding habitat protection requires complementing traditional protected areas with new approaches, which include land purchase and the creation of financial mechanisms that promote ecologically sustainable land-use practices.

We believe in the value of national and provincial protected areas on the marine, coastal and steppe environments of Patagonia.

We support the establishment of new protected areas and the strengthening of existing ones that ensure the conservation of wildlife and wilderness. We help develop and implement comprehensive protected area management plans.

We support the creation of conservation easements with private landowners in Patagonia and we contribute to the restoration of degraded habitat on private and/or government properties of high conservation value.

We help secure formal protection for lakes and lagoons on the steppes and highlands of Patagonia.