Advancing policy

We choose to protect
We choose to conserve
We choose to educate, advocate, innovate
For the future of all

from WCS Manifesto


WCS has a rich history in Patagonia helping develop policies on land-use, wildlife-based tourism, commercial fishing and other forms of resource use that involve biodiversity. Working with public agencies and civil society these efforts have resulted in extraordinary successes for wildlife, for example, new government regulations that changed oil tanker routes and stopped the dumping of oily ballast water in the Patagonian Sea, radically reducing marine pollution that was severely impacting wildlife. 

We work alongside government to help advance policies for the conservation of wildlife and habitats in Argentina, and the development and implementation of adequate regulations for the private sector.

We generate and transfer knowledge to management agencies that reduces the negative impact of natural resource extraction in Patagonia’s landscapes and seascapes, including hydrocarbon exploration and commercial fishing. This includes the development of science-based environmental regulations to allow comprehensive impact assessments of extractive industries currently operating or seeking to operate in Patagonia.

We help generate clear guidelines on conflict mitigation and fiber production that helps to conserve wildlife in Patagonia.