Inspiring conservation

Yet never before have we had such tools
To inform, to empower, excite and engage
Never before have we had such a chance

from WCS Manifesto


Public awareness and engagement are essential for wildlife conservation. All generations must value Argentina’s natural patrimony and commit to its protection, to rethink the way we see and feel nature and to take action. The threats to the natural environment are many and big, but the opportunities we now have for conservation are even greater. 

We share the knowledge we have acquired on wildlife with the communities among which we work, and with all those who care nationally and internationally. Our goal is to increase public awareness of Argentina’s wildlife and its conservation needs.

We engage committed individuals and communities that value and become involved in protecting wildlife and wild places in Argentina.

We engage with other NGOs and the private sector to help spread the conservation message and increase the effectiveness of our conservation strategies. 

We encourage and mentor young conservationists to build the mission of caring for wildlife into the future.