Conserving wildlife

Never before have we known so well
The intricate balance of species and systems 
All lives depend on

from WCS Manifesto


Because most of the priority wildlife in Patagonia spends at least part of its life cycle outside of protected areas and moves over very large spatial scales, both on land and at sea, it is essential to address current and emerging threats to these species on public and private enviroments. This requires engaging effectively with government agencies responsible for natural resource management and with private businesses that make use of these resources. We work with all sectors of society on long-term projects that apply strategic environmental planning, adaptive management, certification of responsible resource use practices and other tools to ensure conservation. 

We support Argentina’s National Biodiversity Strategy and work to ensure the survival of our priority species and species groups that include right whales, penguins, guanacos, carnivores of the Patagonian steppes, Andean condors and flamingos.

  • We seek to ensure that the spectacular concentrations of birds and mammals on the coast of Patagonia continue to thrive, remain diverse and do not decline, and that the coastal and marine landscapes where they are found retain their wilderness qualities.
  • We promote the adoption of sustainable livestock production that allows healthy wildlife populations to co-exist with people and livestock on productive lands across Patagonia.
  • We monitor the conservation status of selected species to assess our endeavors to protect wildlife.