WCS Argentina

Our Mission

WCS’s mission includes the preservation of wildlife and supporting habitats on the Andean and Patagonian steppes, the southern Andean forest, the Patagonian Seaand the Puna eco-regions. We are working to protect the whales, penguins, elephant seals and other marine life that gather in spectacular numbers on the coast of Patagonia, the suite of species that inhabit the steppes of Patagonia, among them the guanaco, Darwin’s rhea and the mara, as well as flamingos and other waterbirds that find refuge in the wetlands of the steppe and the Andes.

Our organization carries out conservation actions, and supports research and education that help guide our conservation actions and those of our partners. We work with our partner organizations and the national and provincial governments of Argentina to help set aside effective protected areas and manage the country’s wildlife with care. We also work with local communities and industries to ensure that resource use by people is compatible with the needs of wildlife in key areas.